Miami Gardens Negligent Security Lawyer

Notes of a Miami Gardens Negligent Security Lawyer

Generally, commercial property owners in Florida owe no duty to protect individuals located on their premises against the criminals acts of third parties.  The exception to that general rule is that premises owners owe a duty to individuals on its premises to act reasonably to ensure that criminal acts of third parties do not occur when such criminal acts are foreseeable.  Foreseeability can be shown by demonstrating that the premises owner either knew, or should have known, of the third party’s propensity to commit criminal acts.

How can Miami Gardens Negligent Security Lawyer Mike Wallace help you?

As a dedicated and motivated lawyer, Mike Wallace will thoroughly investigate your case by gathering all necessary evidence to prove that the commercial premises owner acted negligently in not providing adequate security on their premises.  At the onset of the case, Mike Wallace starts with past statistics of related crimes committed within the same geographic location of the premises.  Often times, you can prove the foreseeability of similar crimes by showing that such crimes were committed frequently within a short duration prior to the criminal act that is subject of your case.  Mike Wallace will also investigate the presence of security guards, whether the lighting was sufficient and adequate, whether security cameras were functional and operational.  Mike Wallace interviews past victims and/or former employees as well.

Mike Wallace, Miami Gardens Negligent Security Lawyer

Mike Wallace, Esquire has the dedication, experience, and motivation to adequately develop and successfully litigate your negligent security case.  As a Miami Gardens Negligent Security Lawyer, Mike Wallace can help advise you of how to efficiently pursue your negligent security case.  If you, or a loved one, were injured on a commercial premises due to inadequate security, you can contact Mike Wallace, Esquire for a free consultation by cell or text at 954.300.2332.