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Knowledge of a Broward Dog Bite Lawyer

A Broward Dog Bite Lawyer will state that dogs are a staple of households in Broward County, Florida.  Most breeds of dogs are calm and not aggressive.  Many individuals are injured by overly aggressive dogs. The hiring of a Broward Dog Bite Lawyer is often necessary. Dogs bites are terrifying.  These incidents can lead to outstanding medical expenses.  A Broward Dog Bite Lawyer can help locate the at fault party. Dog bite claims are no different than those of ordinary negligence claims. When a party is injured, the injured party seeks compensation from a third party based on a negligence cause of action.

Broward Dog Bite Laws

Broward Dog Bite Lawyer

Broward Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite laws vary by jurisdiction. Florida Statute § 767.04, titled “Dog owner’s liability for damages to persons bitten,” is controlling law.  As a Broward Dog Bite Lawyer, it is imperative that when you’re injured by an aggressive dog, your first action should be to seek medical treatment. Secondly, from an experienced Broward Dog Bite Lawyer view, you should gather all information possible. This includes obtaining all pertinent information about the owner of the dog. You should also gather all information about the dog itself and any witnesses to the incident. After completing your personal investigation, contact local police or animal control authorities and report the incident which lead to your injuries.

Where you live determines the laws that control. The law in your jurisdiction may change the way your animal dog bite injury is handled. You may be able to seek a claim against a single party who may be responsible for the Broward Dog Bite, you may be able to seek compensation based on a violation of a leash or restraint ordinance and/or law, or you may potentially have a viable claim against a party whom knowingly owns a vicious dog (which has a history of dog bites), whom have failed to remedy any potential issues.

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